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Epping Family Wellness Centre
Suite 12, First Floor 41 Rawson Street Epping NSW
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Our Chiropractor: Robert Tosswill

The Chiropractic Adjusment
The Chiropractic adjustment is a painless choice of treatment with specific and controlled application of force through a dysfunctional joint.

An adjustment is a form of manipulative therapy, with scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness in restoring joint mechanics and function to assist the body with recovering.

Epping Family Wellness Centre Chiropractic focuses on the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders.

Chiropractors undergo an extensive Undergraduate Science and Post Graduate Masters degree to be educated and trained. Such areas of study include Anatomy, Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics,  Clinical Diagnosis, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Pathology, Physiology, Radiographic Interpretation & Diagnosis, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

With this training chiropractors are qualified in diagnosing and treating acute, or chronic conditions such as:

·         Musculoskeletal Conditions: (Neck, Mid&Low Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Conditions).
·         Nerve Conditions: Nerve Referral Symptoms, Sciatica
·         Headaches/Migraines
·         Arthritides
·         Scoliosis
·         Growing Pain: Heel, Knee, Hip
·         Sports Injuries & Management: Musclular Strains & Tears, Tendonitis, Ligament Sprains & Tears.
·         Rehabilitation and Recovery

Chiropractic treatment involves manual therapy options including Chiropractic Adjustment, Joint Mobilisation & Myofascial (soft tissue) Therapies.

The 'Crack'
When receiving an adjustment, an audible 'crack' or 'pop' may be heard.
Joints in the body are surrounded by synovial fluid, which assists with movment of the joint by acting as a lubrication. When an adjustment is applied to a dysfunctional joint, the joint capsule is stretched and the air within the fluid in the capsule is released which creates a 'crack' sound. This 'crack' sound is the release of gas bubbles from the joint.

Epping Family Wellness Centre
Suite 12, First Floor 41 Rawson Street
Epping NSW
Phone:02 9011 5380
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